Diversity & Community Engagement

Facade Solutions New York arrives as a substantial part of your living and business communities. The owners and the workers who comprise the company are contributors to your community. The primary objective is to help promote and change the community in a positive way.

diversity and community engagement facade solutions new york window wall

When Facade Solutions New York comes onto a potential job site, there is already a plan underway to meet with community leaders and meet local needs. This means all job opportunities have been posted at the local community center, high schools and churches. A hiring hall has been setup to interview potential trainees and/or workers. Business and contracting opportunities have been extracted from the project to match with those businesses and professionals who can meet each project requirement.

Facade Solutions New York need not be requested or mandated to seek local participation or be pressured to do what is part of the firm’s normal business practices. The following objectives are clear and distinct.

  • Notify the community early of upcoming work
  • Identify the Facade Solutions New York contact person for Community Affairs and Diversity
  • Conduct meetings for Community Engagement
  • Create Contractors’ Plans Room for technical assistance
  • Develop and execute the diversity contracting and manpower utilization plans
  • Facade Solutions New York will leverage and execute web based, future facing community engagement and employment outreach through all appropriate as well as proprietary online outlets

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